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Rhodesian ridgeback family dogs

From "Beneath the Ridgeback’s trademark ridge is a whole lot of hound: Ridgebacks are fast and powerful athletes who can weigh between 70 and 85 pounds, and oftentimes more. They come in only one color – wheaten – which spans every shade seen in a wheat field, from pale flaxen to the burnished red of a maturing crop. Ridgebacks also have two nose colors: black and the less commonly seen brown.

The formidable Ridgeback can be strong willed, independent, and sometimes domineering. Ridgebacks must be guided with a firm but fair hand from puppyhood. They are faithful friends, protective of their loved ones and meltingly affectionate with those whom they trust."

As a large family we have loved our Ridgebacks. They definitely have energy and need exercise, but they also take couch potato to a new level. While being independent they are also fierce and loyal lovers and will be a great addition to any home! 

Rhodesian ridgeback puppies
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