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Figleaf Farmstead Rabbitry

Fig Leaf Farmstead Rabbitry is located in western Washington, just south of Seattle/Tacoma. We raise & sell purebred Holland Lop rabbits as companions and Flemish Giant / New Zeland crosses for home meat production. All of our rabbits are raised with love, enjoy spacious accommodations, and feast on organic greens, pellets, herbs, and hay.  


Purebred holland lop bunnies


Originally developed by Adriann de Cock of the Netherlands with the purpose of creating a dwarfed lop-eared rabbit that was smaller and easier to handle than the larger French Lop. The venture was long and challenging but ultimately, rewarding as the breed was recognized by the ARBA in 1979.  Today the Holland Lop is one of the top five most popular breeds in the ARBA. Its compact size paired with the large head and lopped ears makes it a beautiful addition to the rabbit world.   – Maximum weight 4 lbs.

Holland lops are a exceptionial companion animal. Small size make them perfect for small spaces. Calm loving personalities and easy littler box training make lops perfect pets!

We have carefully selected two breeds in order to optimize their traits for what we think is the ultimate backyard/homestead meat production rabbit! Flemish Giant does, large bodied with a large loin and wide hindquarter, produce extremely large litters of sturdy kits are crossed with New Zeland Bucks. The New Zeland brings excellent feed conversion and fast growth, producing kits ready to process at 8 weeks averaging between 4.5 and 5lbs. This cross also produces a variety of pelt colors if you would like to tan the hides!  


We occasionally have all-natural, rabbit meat available  Our rabbits are fed a natural diet of fresh organic greens, alfalfa pellets, hay, herbs, and garden veggies. They are raised without the use of antibiotics, chemicals, or hormones.  Our fryer rabbits usually weigh between 2.5-3# dressed. Cost is $7.95/pound which comes to $18-$24 each.

Flemish giants new zealand rabbit cross bunnies meat bunnies
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